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Your domain...

Your web site is known by its domain name.  You can have multiple domains, typically with different extensions, such as .com, .net, .us, etc.

While each unique domain name has to be registered for a fee, you can have muliple domain names pointed to your hosted site.  AND, you can have subdomains and parked domains.  Contact us for further information. 

To see the current price of domain registration , visit GoDaddy.com.  Remember, we'll set your domain up and manage it for free!

To order a web site...

contact us at 303-393-1215 and let us know which package you would like, and discuss your overall needs with us.

We want to provide you with the exact web site, features and support that you seek.  We take pride in offering personalized service to our clients.

You will be able to pay securely by credit card, or by corporate check upon approval.

Package Features...

While we've listed some of the features here, you should expect that a web site with DCIWebworks will have all of the features you see in other web site offerings, and more.

For instance, you'll recieve Fantastico with your cPanel installation, which makes all of the most popular open source shopping carts, bulletin boards, CMS, customizable applications and database management systems available to you instantly.

And, best of all, you'll have our full support available to assist you in any way.

quick setup guide for web hosting

The following elements must be present for complete web hosting with DCIWebworks:

  • one or more domain names registered with their domain name servers (DNS) set to point to our custom nameservers;
  • a web-hosting package in place on one of our servers;
  • custom configuration of your hosting options, including email, passwords and other settings; you can demo (userid and password: x3demob) the features of the new cPanel 11® interface;
  • placement of your web site pages and other assets via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Call us now to get started:  1-303-393-1215.  If you have any further questions, you can also contact us via email. We accept all major credit cards and offer secure online payment options. 

Basic setup to allow for use of email and a placer page takes as little as two hours to accomplish.  Full recognition of the domain on our server to all internet devices can take as much as 72 hours.  This is referred to as the time it takes for your domain to "resolve".

If needed, use the userid/password of x3demobdomain name registration

DCIWebworks uses GoDaddy for domain registration and charges only the actual cost of registration for our management of your domain.  Current domain registrations are about $10 per year per domain.  We can register your domain(s) for you, or you can register them.  If already registered,  they simply need to have their DNS set to point to one of our custom nameservers.  We can do this for you, as well.

If DCIWebworks manages your domain, it will be automatically renewed annually.  Your domain is  your  sole property and the registration records will be set accordingly. DCIWebworks will be your administrator.

web hosting packages

DCI can offer any sized package, including full dedicated servers.  For your convenience, we profile three shared hosting packages on our VPS servers for distinct levels of storage, bandwidth and processing power.  All web hosting is sold on an annual basis with no setup fee. DCIWebworks guarantees your satisfaction or we will provide a complete refund when requested within 30 days of initial setup.

All web hosting packages enjoy the features shown at bottom.  You can purchase any of the hosting packages detailed below using PayPal and/or your credit card here:

Available Packages


Each of our standard packages are detailed here.  You can review and select that package that best suits your needs.  Packages can be upgraded or downgraded to suit your requirements anytime after you become a client.


This feature-rich basic package includes 1000 MB of disk storage for your files and assets, and unlimited GB transfer per month (bandwidth).  This is the ideal choice for most small businesses and individual users. MagicSpam customizable spam protection is included for just $107.40 per year (compares at $8.95 per month).


This is an expanded package for videographers and clients using large amounts of streaming media and media storage. The package includes 5 GB of disk storage and unlimited transfer bandwidth per month. 
$180.00 per year (compares at $15 per month).


10 GB of storage with 300 GB of bandwidth, along with increased CPU and memory allocation makes this package the solution for internet marketers with databases, shopping carts and high volume web sites with streaming media. $360.00 per year (compares at $30 per month).


hosting features

YOUR OWN DOMAIN. Choose any name currently available, and we will immediately register it with GoDaddy and assign it to an individual, unique IP address on our DCIWebworks high speed server. And then www.yourname.com will be accessible around the world on the Internet, night and day!

POWERFUL CONTROL PANEL ADMINISTRATION. You control your web site, add users, email boxes, and other features as you desire. You'll enjoy the power and convenience of Apache Servers for great functionality--such as password-protecting web site directories for employee notices--available easily and in minutes!  Get a preview of the newest version of cPanel here. (userid and password: x3demob)

WEEKLY SECOND SERVER BACKUP. Enjoy the security of knowing that all of your assets and objects, including email and databases are backed up in full each night to our own backup server, along with a special weekly backup for special restores, ready to be redeployed in the event of user demand or server failure.  This is in addition to incremental backups done on the main server nightly.

HIGH BANDWIDTH ALLOWANCE. Most hosting companies limit the number of "hits" or web accesses your site will be allowed. We offer an exceptional value in bandwidth that includes the ability to upgrade in economical increments whenever necessary.

UNLIMITED FREE POP3/IMAP EMAIL BOXES! Most providers give you 2, 3 maybe 5 email boxes with your account. You can set up email boxes anytime you like, and you can add vacation messages, forwarding options, autoresponders and aliases using the cPanel Control Panel. It's as powerful as it is easy to use! Best of all, it included MagicSpam, offering complete spam protection with IP reputation RBLs updated as often as every four hours automatically.

THE BEST SUPPORT AND YOUR OWN RESOURCE LIBRARY. DCIWebworks clients can access our special User Guide and Support Forum, with HTML and PDF downloadable documentation for web designers, site administrators and users.

The support package includes toll-free support for new users, and unlimited email support for all active clients.

EMAIL ACCESS AWAY FROM THE OFFICE. In addition to working with standard email clients, such as MS Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird and others, all of your mailboxes are accessible using any Internet Browser. You can receive, review and send mail from anywhere in the world using your new DCIWebworks-based web site!

PHP and MySQL.  Every client enjoys the power of open source software packages written in PHP and designed for use with MySQL databases.  Bulletin boards, forums, blogs, and a terrific array of Content Management Systems are all available using the Fantastico feature of the cPanel interface.  We offer osCommerce and other popular shopping carts, and can provide custom integration of PHP programs into your web site.

FREE DETAILED SITE REPORTING! As much detail as you need, as often as you need it! Track who's coming to your site, how long they're staying, which pages they're visiting!  You have your choice of popular traffic reports right on the cPanel interface, or the ability to download logs for independent analysis as desired.

FANTASTICO DELUXE! All of the latest CMS, Bulletin Boards, Forums and more are available for immediate and simple installation on your site.  This powerful addition to our hosting package makes it easy for you to upgrade your site with all of the best tools used throughout the Open Source Internet Community, including WordPress.